When Modernism and Robustness Meet

With a Contemporary and Refined Style, the MIRAGE Shed is a Sure Hit.

Built to last, the Mirage has been designed very robustly. This shed features high quality Fiberwood and aluminum coextrusion composite, large double doors and abundant windows on 3 sides at the top of the shed.

An ideal outdoor storage solution for all your garden tools and equipment, garden furniture, barbecues, bicycles, pool pump & accessories and much more!

Models & Dimensions







Available Colors​

Smokey Grey
Grey Rock
Urban Wood
Brown Cedar


  • Beam: galvanized steel profile
  • Roof: galvanized steel with powder coating
  • Wall: Co-extrusion panel
  • Door: Aluminum frame with PU-steel composite panel
  • Window: PC sheet​
Made to last

Profiled beam in galvanized steel, roof in galvanized steel with powder coating, wall in coextrusion panel with our Proshield premium® protection, doors with aluminum frame with composite panel and PU steel and windows in PC sheets. Composite boards with Proshield premium® protection:

  • Resists rot and mildew;​
  • Resistant to insects, fungi, shocks and stains;​
  • Rot-proof boards therefore insensitive to humidity, rays and temperature changes.​

This is one of the sturdiest shed on the market, withstanding snow loads up to 200 kg/m2 on the roof. The Mirage is offered with a full 20-year warranty and will last over time.


In terms of security, the MIRAGE is equipped with self-closing door hinges and a door lock with key.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Our Fiberwood sheds are all designed in a modular way, so no adjustment or cutting will be required. With only simple tools, 2 workers can complete the assembly in 1 day. The installation of the shed must be done on a solid leveled base. Concrete slab, asphalt driveway, paving stone or slabs, wood or composite terrace, several options are available to you. Our sheds are all delivered on pallets. Bilingual assembly instructions are simple and clear. Very easy to maintain: no oil, paint or stain is required over time. Full 20-year warranty on the entire structure of the shed.